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What To Expect
Most people have never had a paranormal investigation done in their home or business. The prospect of strangers coming into your home and just sitting there in the dark can, understandably, make people feel uncomfortable. We want to take the mystery out of the investigation process and try to explain to you what exactly will happen before, during and after the actual investigation of your property.

Contacting a group is probably the most important thing there is to do. The mos important thing is making sure you choose the right team. Not every team out there is in it for the right reasons. So it is crucial to do a little research on teams nearby you before you decide to call one in, providing you have the time and are able to make the time to do so.

If you'd like to contact us regarding issues you're having or if you'd like to schedule an investigation, please complete the form below. Please keep in mind that we investigate locations. If your issues deal with visions, dreams, or only hearing voices, I'm sorry but we cannot help you.

We will look over the completed form and contact you as soon as we are able to. We will need to talk and ask you personal questions. We need to discuss the paranormal events and concerns affecting you. We need to establish history about you, your family and your location. Please note we don't take confidentiality lightly. We will never share any of your personal information.

Having a bunch of people that you do not know in your home or business isn't the most comforting thought and we can certainly appreciate that, but please know that the THINGS team is comprised of the most compassionate and understanding investigators. Many of us have been in your shoes and we know what it is like to have someone believe in you. Just having someone to talk to in a judge free environment can sometimes make the biggest impact. It would be helpful if you could keep a log of the activity as it occurs. Making note of the time, place and as many details of the event as you can remember. Continue to update this log before and after our investigation. While asking you questions, there will be a questionnaire we have that we'll need you to fill out. They include some pretty invasive questions but you are under no obligation to answer any of the questions but the more it's filled out, the better we might be able to help you. If you have witnesses to your claims of activity, or if they have their own claims pertaining the property in question, we would love to talk to them as well.

We typically try to schedule all our investigations on Saturday nights but can do Friday nights as well if we need to, depending on our work schedules and yours. We also prefer to do the interview the same day as the investigation unless the case is close enough, then we can do the interview on just about any day if we need to.

When we do come over, please do not invite people over unless they are the witnesses mentioned above. It can cause problems with audio and hamper us from doing our job. There may come a time where if it's suspected that the activity is centered around one person, we may ask that person to be the one who stays with us. But please understand that during a normal investigation, it is best if we are in the building alone. Most importantly, we also ask that any small children or pets not be in the building. First of all, it is for their safety, and secondly, it is so that our video and especially the audio evidence isn't contaminated. Also, absolutely no smoking is allowed inside the building while we are investigating and preferably no smoking inside the building for the whole day before we even arrive. Again this is for our health and for video evidence.

While we are investigating for you, then you must let us have access to the whole area and allow us freedom to do so. There are a lot of tests we perform. Sometimes there are things which you might find odd, but you must allow us to do our jobs. As well, you must allow us access to plugs, power outlets for cameras, things of that sort. We cannot be running into locked doors because that opens the possibility for fraud, sounds that we cannot explain and also gives a place for spirits or energies to hide from us. In addition, our investigations require total darkness (or as close to it as possible) to be most effective. We use infrared cameras that work best in the dark and being that spirits are energy, it stands to reason that energy is best seen in the dark.

Set up time will vary depending on how much of our equipment we will need to use. Investigation time will also vary. Depending on the level of activity, investigations can last anywhere from a couple hours until almost morning.

While we do have a couple of sensitive people on our team, we will in no way use them as the basis in an investigation nor will we used them to base our conclusion to a case. We will not use mediums because a true medium is very rare and there are far too many people out there who claim to be a medium and possess such gifts when they really don't.

Once again, certain rules that we have when doing investigations:
1. Absolutely no guests unless it for the interview and they have something to contribute.
2. We request that no children or pets in the building during investigations, reasons being are safety and evidence contamination.
3. We respectfully ask that no one is in the building with us, again, for evidence contamination.
4. No smoking in the building is allowed and we prefer there not be any smoking in the building during the day before we get there.
5. All rooms must be accessible unless for safety reasons.
6. No illegal drugs on the property period, if we detect any, we will leave without hesitation.
7. No one can be under the influence of alcohol when we arrive, if anyone is, we will turn right around and leave.
8. If you deliberately try to fake a haunting, you will be responsible for all of our expenses. This could include, but is not limited to, any time we miss from work, hotels, gas, food, supplies, etc.