About Us

The Hoosiers Investigating New Ghosts Society (THINGS) was founded in 2009 by Jeremy York with the purpose of helping those who feel they may be having a paranormal experience by investigating their claims in a professional and confidential manner and seeking out answers for the group as well. THINGS brings many years of experience in helping others.

We are paranormal investigators, not ghost hunters. We are not in this field for a thrill, we are not here to quickly label a location as haunted, we are here to help families and business owners. Our main focus is documenting claims of activity by use of equipment and techniques in order to help the clients. We go into a case to disprove claims of activity so that we can try to figure out what is truly going on.

Our group is spread throughout Indiana from New Haven, Fort Wayne, Auburn, Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Edinburgh.

THINGS members

Jeremy York
Tim Kummer
Scott Smith
Chris Kummer
Virgil Fugate
Linda Fugate
Kherri Bilbro
Shannon Sullivan
Frank Smith
Amanda Kummer
Codie Kummer
Carrie Doran
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