The personal experiences that will be listed on this page are experiences that members of our group have had but weren't backed up through video or audio. Personal experiences will never be used when determining if a location is wanted, but they will be presented to the client as experiences that couldn't be backed up.
April 14, 2018 - private residence

The founder was sitting on the couch in the living and saw a black mass moving behind him and thought maybe it was the family pet but the was nowhere near him. Later while analzying evidence, the founder found that particular moment in video and there was an orb in the video where the black mass would've been. Normally orbs are not used as evidence during a reveal but this was too much of a coincidence to ignore.

June 13, 2018 - Waverly Hills

One person heard screams on the second floor near the chapel while receiving the tour of the building.

Three people were standing at the top of the body chute setting up a camera and heard a moan coming from the chute.

One person heard feet shuffling behind him while he was walking down the outside breezeway hall on the fourth floor. No one else was on the the floor at the time.

One person said he got touched several times throughout the night, especially in the body chute.

One lady was on the first floor, sitting on a throne that is used for Halloween, feel something touch her arm. Her arm was ice cold for several minutes afterwards, confirmed by several team members. The temperature throughout the entire facility was at least 90 degrees.

Two people saw a shadow figure on the fifth near room 502.

August 4, 2018 - Blackford County Jail

One person had scratches on his ankle before the investigation even began.

One person saw a shadow of a hand reaching for a lamp in one of the bedrooms.

One lady had her hair pulled.

One person heard the sound of something falling on wood in the basement and the whole basement and first story floor is made of granite.

August 4, 2018 - Ervin Campbell Speakeasy

One person saw a light in a room across the from where he was and went to see if another member in the room and the empty. Furthermore, as he walked into the room, he walked into a very cold spot while the entire facility was nearly 90 degrees.

Three members heard a disembodied voice saying "Hey."